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The magic of winter driving technology

Today's video covers effective driving technology for navigating snowy and icy roads safely.

Although the worst seems to be over, many of us across the country are still digging out of "Snowmageddon" and having to deal with nasty winter driving conditions. And although showing this video to you kinda makes me feel like an old-fart driver's ed instructor, I feel it is my social responsibility to present this Web clip from Cars.com for those of us not fortunate enough to know about and/or possess an automobile with these features. So here we go with today's vid, which will tell us all about winter driving safety technology for your vehicle--I can hardly wait!

This informative clip discusses stats and benefits of traction control, antilock brakes, stability control, all season tires, and four-wheel drive versus two-wheel modes. Yeah, most of you reading this probably know what these features are all about, but some viewers who still have to drive in this muck might want to think about implementing some of these options on their own vehicle if they can or haven't already done so. And if nothing else it's a reminder to those who have these options to make sure we use them when out on the road. Yep, when driving on snow, ice, hail or other winter weather conditions safety truly does come first.