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The Grand Tour returns with new special featuring 1970s American luxo-barges

It looks like a good portion of this Lochdown special surrounds a trio of cars, including a Cadillac De Ville, Lincoln Continental and Buick Riviera.

Clarkson, Hammond and May are back, and for this latest special of Amazon Prime Video's The Grand Tour, things stick closer to home. Lochdown, as it's called, was filmed amid the pandemic and features a grand road trip through Scotland in machines from across the Atlantic: 1970s American luxury cars. Lovingly, we'll call them land yachts. The thought of driving a Cadillac De Ville, Lincoln Continental or Buick Riviera on thin, windy UK roads sounds terrifying, if I'm being honest.

Nevertheless, The Grand Tour Lochdown puts the former Top Gear guys on the road in these machines, and plenty of stunts show up in the new trailer. It looks like we're in for track time with these giant cars, close calls as the three travel narrow roads in elongated machines and the typical slew of outlandish hijinks we expect from the show.

At some point, it does look like the trio swap their floaty rides for more hardcore vehicles. There's a vintage Chevrolet Camaro, what looks like a Ford Shelby Mustang and a Plymouth Superbird, too.

Have a look at the trailer above before the new special launches on Amazon Prime Video on July 30.

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