The GMC Granite: Chevy's new concept

The GMC Granite made its debut just recently at the Detroit auto show, and this video gives us a quick glimpse at this new vehicle that might be going places.

Gary Spencer
2 min read

Today marks the first day of February, but not too long ago back in January at the Detroit auto show, gearheads, critics, and industry folk got the first look at many of the new and exciting production models coming to a dealer near you, as well as the several concept vehicles whose futures are up in the air. Yes, many of the intriguing concept vehicles that were on display at Cobo Arena in Detroit will never make it to the streets, so it's always interesting to consider the possibilities of each. I thought it would be a neat idea to dedicate some blog time this week to some of the more interesting concept vehicles that made the car parade at the show, and today we kick things off with the GMC Granite.

Some have interpreted the General Motors concept vehicle, the GMC Granite, to a sport utility vehicle scaled down in terms of bulk and power compared with the type of vehicles that GMC is best known for producing. One thing I like about this video (other than its brevity for us attention-impaired viewers) is that at 0:37 mark we get a glimpse at the crisp-looking four-cylinder engine that propels the Granite--again, its fuel efficiency is a rarity amongst the rest of the GMC brand family. The video's host doesn't seem all that enthused about it, but it looks like General Motors is seriously thinking about where it's going in the future as a manufacturer, and it will be interesting to see what the public thinks as the Granite hits the streets near you.