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The Fisker EMotion promises 400 miles of EV range, mid-2017 arrival

The name is clever in a dad-joke sort of way.


Henrik Fisker, designer of some very pretty cars like the BMW Z8, slowly teased his latest creation over the last few weeks. Now, it's here, and it has a name -- EMotion. Cute.

The EMotion (because it's emotional, and creates M-otion using E-lectricity, get it?) looks similar to Fisker's previous car, the Karma, with its low wedge nose and strong angles on the lower valence. The side profile is a bit more unique, with some very strong fender lines and no visible door handles. It's almost like a caricaturist drew a picture of a Tesla Model 3 and grafted the Karma's nose on there.

Fisker hasn't given much out in the way of specifications, but it's promising 400 miles of all-electric range from its forthcoming EV. Top speed is set at 161 miles per hour. Other than that, Fisker just mentioned that the powertrain is "newly developed," and it expands interior volume by pushing the whole cabin forward. Fisker also claims more rear legroom than "many" full-size luxury sedans. All seats will have access to infotainment features, too, apparently.

Despite earlier claims that Fisker wasn't involved with autonomy, it appears that's not the case. The car will, in fact, permit fully autonomous driving, but it won't be available until it's approved and released by "a soon-to-be-announced partnered supplier."

There's no word yet on pricing, but Fisker did say that initial deliveries will begin after the vehicle is shown to the public in mid-2017. It will be built right here in the good ol' US of A, too.

Fisker Inc.