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The first Volkswagen ID in the US will be that silly crossover

The ID and ID Buzz will reportedly arrive after the ID Crozz, which will hopefully have a better name by then.


Americans love crossovers, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the first ID-branded Volkswagen to come to the US would be the crossover variant.

When Volkswagen finally brings its ID line from concept to production, the ID Crozz (or whatever the production version is named) will be the first to arrive in the US, Autoblog reports, citing anonymous sources with "information about the vehicles."

There's nothing inherently silly about the ID Crozz, other than its name, which is less silly and more bad.


While the ID Crozz would be the first ID electric vehicle in the US, it won't be the first to reach production overall. That honor will go to the ID, the first of Volkswagen's concepts that it showed off at the 2015 Paris Motor Show. Volkswagen has already promised that it would reach production in 2020, so it's likely that the ID Crozz will follow in 2020 or 2021.

Bringing up the rear is the ID Buzz, the Microbus-style electric van that, according to VW chairman Herbert Diess, received the green light for production earlier this year. Autoblog's sources, however, claim that production still isn't set in stone, but three little letters should make the leap to production relatively straightforward.

Those three little letters are MEB, the name for the modular platform that will underpin a bunch of Volkswagen's new electric vehicles across its many brands. The platform is scalable, so it can provide battery-electric motive force to vehicles of many shapes and sizes, from something the size of a Golf (ID) to something the size of a small bus (ID Buzz). Plus, adding a new model is as easy as slapping a new body on top -- no new chassis development required.

Volkswagen didn't immediately return a request for comment, but automakers routinely decline to discuss future products. That said, Volkswagen's brass has not been shy about the company's desire to bring its ID lineup to market within the next five years, and making sure the US gets the crossover first makes a whole bunch of sense.