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The first Hellcat-powered Jeep might be a Wrangler

The automaker's annual Easter Jeep Safari always includes some ridiculous concepts, and this year, there's a "Trailcat" in the cards.


Every year around Easter, Jeep takes a bunch of crazy concepts to Moab, Utah, where it proceeds to have an off-road "safari" with, well, any Jeep fanatics that'll come along for the ride. Its concepts range from throwback machines to peeks at the future, but what's coming this year might overshadow the rest.

To build anticipation for this year's Easter Jeep Safari, taking place in Moab between March 19 and March 27, the automaker has rolled out a teaser for what it calls the Wrangler Trailcat Concept. It doesn't take much deduction to realize that adding "-cat" to an FCA product's name would likely bring with it the 707-horsepower Hemi V-8 from the Challenger and Charger .

It's not all about the name, either. If you look at the teaser, you'll see a very specific vent shape on the hood -- vents that, what do you know, look very close to the ones found on the Hellcats. Jeep won't be the first group to swap a Hellcat into its products -- aftermarket companies already did so for various aftermarket trade shows -- but it will be the first factory-swapped model. Easter can't come soon enough.