The first 2017 Honda Civic Type R just sold for $200,000

Thankfully, most of that purchase price is tax-deductible.


When Honda announced that it would auction off the first Civic Type R for charity, I assumed it would bring in a decent amount over its $33,900 starting price. But I didn't expect the price to get well into the six-figure range.

The auction ended today, with a high bid of $200,000. That whole chunk of change will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, a group Honda has been working with since 1991, helping fund about $30 million in research over that period.

And it's not like the owner is parting with the entire $200,000, at least not forever. When it comes to purchases like this, everything over the market value of the item is tax-deductible, so someone's got some serious filing to do come April 2018.

Strangely enough, the weeklong auction received its high bid less than 96 hours in. The $200,000 bid was quickly verified, and it stood as the high bid for the remainder of the auction. Bring a Trailer auctions traditionally end up in a bidding war in the last few hours and minutes, but not this one. Congratulations to the new owner, as well as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. If you aren't sold on Honda's hottest-ever hatch, check out our initial impressions and see if your tune changes.