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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is ready for launch

The latest teaser discusses torque multiplication, which will help it leap off the line at the drag strip.


Dodge is taking us back to school. Its latest teaser for the Challenger SRT Demon is ready to give you a crash course in torque multiplication.

We already know the Demon will be a monster on the drag strip, thanks in part to wide wheels and very sticky tires. That setup allows more torque to be delivered from tire to pavement, so Dodge changed some bits to send as much torque into the system as possible.

The torque converter has a higher stall speed, which means it can launch at a more aggressive RPM. Its 3.09 rear axle gears are a different size than the Hellcat's, and altering gear size can ramp up the launch torque -- a larger gear rotates slower, and since energy is conserved in the system, it produces more torque.

All these new parts combine to create a Demon that has twice as much grip as a Hellcat, with a 15 percent larger tire contact patch. Dodge claims the Demon sports an 18 percent increase in both converter torque multiplication and rear axle torque multiplication. The result? A launch that'll damn near twist the tires off the wheels. We'll see the Demon in person at the New York Auto Show in April.