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The Dartz T-98 on display

Russian-made Dartz SUVs are so extravagant that Stephen Colbert even took notice. Here's the T-98 in action...


About a week ago I was watching "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central, and all of a sudden Stephen Colbert starts talking about an extravagant SUV made by the Russian-based Dartz brand that costs roughly 1.5 million dollars and is so luxurious that its upholstery is made of genuine whale penis leather (no, I'm not making this up). I had to look this up, and while I have yet to locate video of the exact model vehicle that Stephen was talking about, I did find a clip of a similar model SUV made by Dartz in action, and since it's kinda timely, I thought I'd throw it up for your viewing pleasure.

What we got here is the Dartz Kombat T-98 armored VIP on display both on the interior and the exterior. It's a similar vehicle to the one Stephen Colbert was talking about on his show. While I can't visually discern if this particular Dartz has the oh-so-special whale penis leather, sometimes this sort of detail is best left to the professionals. Anyway, this is a fun little video of an SUV that many of us will never even get to see first-hand, let alone drive. Dig it.