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The Cobra BT 200 goes where <br />smartphones dare not tread

The Cobra BT 200 works best when connected to the 12-volt outlet of an ATV or snowmobile and allows for mobile calling where smartphones dare not tread, but it isn't the best choice for in-car calling.

Cobra BT 200
The Cobra BT 200 is a bit of a blunt instrument, but sometimes that's just what you need. Corinne Schulze/CNET

The Cobra BT 200 is a heavy-duty Bluetooth handset that features a fairly limited list of features. It connects to your phone to make calls, and that's about it. During our time with the BT 200, we encountered a few inconveniences, such no automatic contact-list importing and an unintuitive interface for advanced features like inputting numbers into the phone book.

However, when you're using a device in an outdoor environment, sometimes the strongest feature can be rugged simplicity, which the BT 200 has in spades. With its water, UV, dust, and everything else-proof design, the BT200 can take a beating from Mother Nature without blinking. That way you can keep your precious iPhone dry while you make calls from the wild.

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