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The Clunker that Refused to Die!

In the final episode of my look at Cash Allowance Rebate System and what happens to the many ill-fated trade-ins, we get to witness one clunker that wouldn't go down without a fight.


In yesterday's blog we were all enthralled by a battle of four "clunker" trade-ins filled with "liquid glass", and lemons attempted to one-up the other by outlasting their opponents in running time before the inevitable seizure of their respective engines. Today's clip is similar, but in my not-so humble opinion the duel between these two clunkers isn't the story here. What I found more amusing was the amount of smoke that this old Lincoln Towncar (I's a Ford make so I'm close) was able to emit. And to me, the real story is that despite the driver of death's effort, this clunker's engine just refuses to go down easy. How inspirational! Keep fighting the good fight, clunkers! You will soon be forgotten.