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The Britcar 500 Preview???

A week ago the Silverstone Circuit hosted the Britcar 500 extravaganza. Apparently anyone who filmed it is being stingy, but here we get a cinematic preview of the event featuring hot cars and a few hot women as well. Enjoy!


I've spent the majority of this week trying to hunt down quality (free) web video of the Britcar 500 event that rocked Silverstone Circuit roughly a week ago. So far, the best I've come up with is an in-car cam vid of the first lap around the storied Silverstone track. I mean, it's OK but not quite as eye-appealing as I would prefer. On the other hand, I did dig up a video that served as a preview for the Britcar 500, courtesy of PitLanePro on good ol' YouTube. And here it is...

The inaugural Britcar 500 was held over the first weekend in October of this year, and is unique in that is a 6-hour endurance race that doesn't even begin until 6 in the evening and stretches deep into the night. This video is obviously produced by professionals, and the imagery of all these beautiful sports cars racing into the night is quite a sight. What we see here is but a sampling of roughly 50 multinational GT and sports cars that were slated to participate in the Britcar 500, and oh how I wish I could be there to enjoy it in person...or at least can a brotha get a highlight video on the Web, please???