The Bee Racing Subaru BRZ with rocket bunny kit is awesome

The Subaru BRZ is already an accomplished car, but when Bee Racing gets its hands on anything, you know something incredible is going to happen.

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The Subaru BRZ is a great car, we all know that. We also know that it can feel a bit slow. Thankfully, it was built for people to tinker with, and that's precisely what Bee Racing has done.

Despite its badging, the car above is actually a Subaru BRZ; its Scion FR-S/Toyota GT 86 nose was applied after the car's purchase. Purely for aesthetic reasons, of course. Bee has also fitted that pretty distinctive Rocket Bunny aero kit to give it a meaner look. It's also best to mention the massive spoiler on the car's rear; while it'll provide no end of extra downforce, it adds to the car's meaner look.

The car's wheels have also been changed and really amplify the overall look.

Bee Racing has given the BRZ's interior a working over -- it's far more suited for its new intended purpose: drifting.

Under its skin is where the majority of changes live. It's been fitted with a limited slip differential, the suspension has been tweaked, and the exhaust system now makes an unholy amount of noise to boot.

The wonderful thing about cars like the BRZ, GT 86, and FR-S is that they're not supposed to stay stock, really. Like the Ford Mustang before them, they're a canvas on which an individual can create the car of their dreams. Want a balls-to-the-wall speed machine? Fiddle with the engine. Or throw a V8 in there (it's been done already, no fear). If, like the guys at Bee Racing, you want a drift car you can make your own, it's not beyond the realms of possibility to make yourself a sideways monster.

Personally, I'm not to keen on fiddling with what a manufacturer has already deemed "the best" it can create. But you can't exactly buy a drift car direct from a showroom, can you?