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The Battle of the Clunkers!!!

Get ready to place your bets on these "clunkers" as four trade-in vehicles battle for dead engine supremacy.


Most dialogue about the Car Allowance Rebate System tends to be wholly serious - especially by those who oppose the government-endorsed program. Not surprisingly, a lot of web video on the subject has been less than humorous. While any government-mandated policy deserves serious analysis and informed opinion, sometimes you gotta make light of such issues and have a little fun. With this in mind, today I present a fun little video where four traded-in "clunkers" have a literal race to the death.

This web video follows the fate of four old and purportedly useless automobiles as they are prepared for execution. The contestants include a Nissan Pathfinder, two Beamers and a Caddy (all cars, in my opinion, are typically fine automobiles, even in their twilight years) are drained of fluids and filled with the so-called "liquid glass".

Now that you know the contestants, stop the video before the 1:25 mark and make your bets on who wins, places, shows and outright loses in this motionless race to the end of their existence on God's gray earth. Drivers take their places inside each of the four vehicles and rev the engines at lightning speeds, and wait to see if your predictions pan out - one car will die before the others, and yet another will outlast the engine destruction longer than its cohorts. Unfortunately, in this contest there really isn't any true winner...they all lose as the liquid glass eventually works into the engine and the poor clunkers die a horrific death. More fun than Guitar Hero, baby!