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The award-winning Ford Transit Connect

Ford recently won "Truck of the Year", and though it isn't exactly a pickup the Ford Transit Connect van was the winner in what could be considered a comeback year for American automobiles.

Anyone who thinks that American automobiles don't stack up against their European and Asian rivals may need to reconsider such an attitude. Why? Just recently two Ford vehicles won both of the prizes in the North American Car and Truck of the Year contests as decided by roughly 50 automotive critics at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The winning car was Ford's first foray into the world of hybrid vehicles (the Ford Fusion), and the other winner for Ford was its new Transit Connect van.

The Transit Connect part cargo van, with plenty of room for carrying people and things, but with the feel and handling of a minivan. The TC seems like it's designed for drivers who have families, and today's video exemplifies its usefulness for anyone who needs to haul around kids and many items, not just thanks to its vast interior space but also because of its many entertainment options for backseat passengers. There's no audio track for the video, so you might want to cue up your computer's media player with an appropriate soundtrack. Might I suggest something that your kids would also enjoy--how about some Slayer or Behemoth? After all, father knows best.