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The Acura TSX Navigation System

For the second installment of this week's look at car navigation systems, Gary shows us a video of the 2009 Acura TSX Navigation system.


I was just talking to my brother in New Jersey about how I was focusing my Car Tech blog on web videos featuring emerging car navigation technology. He asks me, "Well, what's available and/or new for Acura?" (incidentally, this is the type of car he drives to and from Rutgers 40 minutes each way). I decided to search for videos dealing with car navigation systems for Acuras, and sure enough I found a clip featuring the Acura TSX in-dash Navigation system.

The Acura TSX is one of Acura's newer luxury sports sedan models. While the car itself is mighty fine, the 2009 edition boasts a superb hands-free, voice-activated navigation system. This little sucker does more than just give you step-by-step directions to virtually any destination in the U.S., it can locate a whole bunch of other stuff too - service stations, banks, restaurants and damn near anything else you might be looking for when out on the road. The 2009 Acura TSX can also garner traffic conditions for your destination in case of any preferred or necessary re-routing. In my opinion, based on the video and other information available, this seems to be one of the more handy in-car nav systems available.