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The 4moms self-installing car seat adds serious smarts to baby's ride

The $500 car seat will automatically keep itself level throughout the ride.

Car seats are the latest product getting the high-tech smart treatment.

Jacob Krol/CNET

4moms, maker of the MamaRoo cradle and Infant Tub, is adding a self-installing car seat to its roster of high-tech baby products. The two-part device consists of a base, which stays in the car, and the seat itself. It levels off the seat for you and verifies that it is locked and ready to go for safe travel.

Rather than using a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter, the base is powered by eight D-cell batteries. While there is a small screen on the seat, you control the seat using the companion app for iOS and Android.

The app itself has a feature where you can scan the VIN number of your vehicle and it will walk you through the proper way of installing the seat for your specific make and model of automobile.

Of course, making sure your baby is getting a smooth, level ride doesn't come cheap. The 4moms self-installing car seat comes in at a large $500 when it lands this September.