The 2017 Honda Civic Type R likely costs less than $34,000

It'll go up when destination and taxes are taken into account, but it's still pretty darn inexpensive.

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Honda is no stranger to ruined surprises. After a leak accidentally unveiled the Civic Si's torque output, now it appears we know what the 2017 Honda Civic Type R will cost.

A user on the CivicX forum posted a picture of what is purported to be a window sticker for the Type R. It shows a base price of $33,900, and after adding $875 for destination and handling, the total price is shown as $34,775. The user also showed a number of pictures of Type R models waiting to be loaded on a boat, lending some credence to the alleged price.

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The Civic Type R packs a whole lot of kit for surprisingly little money, if this window sticker is accurate.

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Honda neither confirmed nor denied the Civic's base price, saying only that pricing would be announced in mid-June.

If it's true, $33,900 is not a bad starting price. Its competitive set includes the Subaru WRX STI ($36,095), the Volkswagen Golf R ($39,375) and the Ford Focus RS ($36,120). That makes the Type R the cheapest of the bunch -- as it should be, because all its 306-hp output is sent to the front wheels, whereas all its competitors sport all-wheel drive.

That price doesn't give you some econobox devoid of options, either. You get adaptive dampers, LED headlights and an infotainment system with navigation and smartphone connectivity. If it turns out that Honda does, in fact, plan to unveil a "base model" Type R in 2018 or beyond, then the MSRP will be pushed even lower, making this hot hatch one hell of a performance bargain.

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