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The 2010 Audi Ice Driving Experience event

Audi recently held its most recent Ice Driving Experience event in Finland, and today we give you a glimpse at what this annual event is all about, pimpin' Audi as the ideal choice for winter weather driving.

So recently we've gotten a look at BMW's xDrive all-wheel traction control system, both in theory and in action. Not surprisingly, German manufacturer Audi thinks its vehicles run and handle better on snowy and icy roads to the point that the company is hosting an event known as the Audi Ice Experience; it's a racing-track-based high-performance practical driving education event that's been around for more than 20 years now. And today we've got video from the most recent Experience held this year in Finland.

The Audi Ice Experience is a winter-specific course that is usually held on a frozen-over waterfront where drivers test their mettle in drifting and general driving and handling skills on the ice and snow. In this video, we get to see Audi drivers in action as well as commentary on general winter condition driving tips and what Audi perceives as its strengths in being the best choice for winter weather driving. To its credit, Audi has beat out BMW in three different driver comparison test conducted by Car and Driver and that is no small feat. The Audi Ice Experience looks like a fun time that's also educational, and in my opinion, that can't be a bad thing.