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That was fast: Audi cancels all-electric R8 e-tron

But how can you kill that which never truly lived?


If you want an electrified Audi, look for the e-tron badge. Most of its offerings, like the Q7 and A3 Sportback, are plug-in hybrids. But the R8 e-tron was a full-on electric supercar. Notice I used the past tense there, because Audi has quietly killed it off.

After existing for just about a year, Audi pulled the plug (heh) on its R8 e-tron. The car was only available in Europe, and it cost a whopping $1.1 million. It had a range of about 280 miles on the Euro test cycle, with a torque output of 339 pound-feet. Top speed was only 130 miles per hour, but it wasn't the low top speed that killed it.

The reason for the R8 e-tron's demise is the same as many other short-lived vehicles -- poor sales. A mixture of barely-there marketing and low transaction volume meant the end was nigh for this electric supercar. Audi pimped preproduction concepts of the car as far back as 2009, but once it finally arrived, it never really took off.

It's sad to see the electric-car market shrink by one, but then again, it never really left its mark to begin with. Volkswagen Group (which includes Audi), is making a big push for electric vehicles over the next decade, so there's a good chance that we'll see another electric performance car with an Audi badge. We just won't see this one, which is a shame, because it's positively gorgeous.

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