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That didn't take long: First car crash attributed to Pokemon Go in New York

Put your damned phones down before everyone's fun is ruined.

Pokemon Go Car Crash

The Auburn Police Department could use some better cell phone cameras.

Auburn Police Department

I sincerely hope that the majority of you lovely readers are capable of not playing Pokemon Go while driving. In the event you're trying to save time by multitasking, though, let this car crash in Auburn, New York, serve as reminder to not play Pokemon Go whilst behind the wheel of a 3,000-pound death sled.

The city of Auburn posted a public safety alert on its website, reminding drivers to catch 'em all once the driving is done. It included a picture of an accident that is allegedly related to the augmented-reality game. A driver was playing Pokemon Go while driving, and he ended up leaving the roadway and plowing right into a tree.

The driver is fine, but that's not the point. The point is that you shouldn't be doing dumb crap like this. Save the playtime for later, or do like I do, and use your own two feet like a grown adult. (Go Team Mystic!)

Hopefully, Niantic will figure out a way to discourage playing while driving. In the meantime, we have a few suggestions for the game developer.

(Hat tip to TechInsider!)

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