Texas Armoring: Bulletproof Cars for Stars

This video goes in depth with Texas Armoring Corporation regarding the features and construction of armored cars for NFL stars and celebrities.

Gary Spencer

It is safe to assume that NFL players and other celebrities are concerned with their personal safety while out and about. According to an article on the Jalopnik website (http://jalopnik.com), in 2008 the NFL had been in touch with the Texas Armoring Corporation about supplying NFL stars with armored vehicles in which to get around in. The video below features an in depth look at Texas Armoring, armored cars, and how they are made.

This video is an excerpt from the program "Modern Marvels" on the History Channel. Beginning around the 1:00 mark, the viewer gets a history lesson on armored vehicles, and around the 3:00 mark, Texas Armoring goes into detail about the materials used and how these vehicles are put together. We also get to see ballistics tests and a demonstration around the 6:00 mark of its special smokescreen ability in order to make a getaway when necessary. It's really neat to see, trust me.