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Tesla's production woes can't hurt the Model 3 (AutoComplete, Ep. 13)

Tesla blames "hubris" for Model X delays, the Model 3 breaks 325,000 reservations and we've got a boatload of updates on autonomous driving.

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AutoComplete, Ep. 13

AutoComplete Show Notes:

Tesla Q1 Model X production delayed by 'severe' parts shortages, 'hubris'

Is Tesla freaking out over Model X production?

The Week that Electric Vehicles Went Mainstream

Nissan CEO: Tesla Model 3 is 'good competition'

Self-proclaimed Tesla competitor receives big funding push

Mitsubishi Electric to use missile technology for self-driving cars

Volvo wants to put civilians in autonomous vehicles on public Chinese roads

Self-driving race car series to use Nvidia's brains

VW and the feds might miss yet another Dieselgate 'deadline'

Callaway will turn your Corvette into a two-door wagon

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