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Tesla's next Supercharger expansion could involve...gas stations?

Despite efforts to get drivers away from the pump, Tesla might be sending 'em right back there, albeit for electrons instead of hydrocarbons.

Tesla Supercharger
It would be pretty entertaining to watch a bunch of tech aficionados get into street brawls over Superchargers, though.

Just when you think you're done with gas stations forever, your battery-electric car manufacturer pulls you back in. That could very well be the case, as it's reported that Tesla will work with gas-station chain Sheetz to install its Supercharger infrastructure at Sheetz's gas stations.

The Washington Post reports that the two companies have been in talks, as part of Tesla's attempts to put its fast-charging Superchargers (apt name, that) in more locations around the country. Sheetz already has electric-car chargers at some of its locations, but none are capable of the 170-miles-of-range-in-30-minutes pace of Tesla's kit.

A Sheetz executive confirmed the meetings to The Washington Post. A Tesla spokesperson told me via email that the company is talking to "some gas station chains" that can provide "the necessary amenities" for its owners, but declined to comment further.

There would be a great benefit to both Sheetz and Tesla if this partnership bears fruit. Not only would Sheetz gain an additional captive audience for an hour at a time, Tesla wouldn't have to rely heavily on nearby businesses to shoulder the "What do I do while my car charges?" burden.

Tesla already has some 655 Supercharger stations around the world, and they're spaced to allow drivers to make it from the east coast to the west using several different routes. In fact, if you really wanted, your Tesla could make it from Miami to Edmonton without being far from a Supercharger.

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