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Tesla's most expensive EVs just got a little cheaper

Every little bit helps.

2017 Tesla Model X
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

If you're unwilling to wait for the sub-$40,000 Tesla Model 3, perhaps you can be enticed into spending three times as much on a much larger and more powerful vehicle instead.

Tesla dropped the price of its 100-kWh Model S hatchback and Model X SUV. The Model S and Model X 100D both received $3,500 price cuts, while the P100D with Ludicrous variants had their window stickers slashed by $5,000. The full pricing breakdown is below:

New Tesla 100-kWh Pricing

Model New price Old price Net change
Model S 100D $94,000 $97,500 -$3,500
Model S P100D w/ Ludicrous $135,000 $140,000 -$5,000
Model X 100D $96,000 $99,500 -$3,500
Model X P100D w/ Ludicrous $140,000 $145,000 -$5,000

Sure, it's not a huge drop, with prices being reduced between 3.4 and 3.5 percent, but a lower price is a lower price, so I doubt anyone will complain.

The automaker told Teslarati that manufacturing efficiencies are behind the price drop. As gross margins rose, Tesla was able to drop the price by a bit. Other automakers have been known to lower prices as new model years arrive, but since Tesla doesn't operate on a typical model-year schedule, the price drops sort of appear from thin air.