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Tesla's most affordable Model X disappears into thin air

Your "cheapest" way of getting a Tesla SUV is now $10,000 more than it used to be.


Just three months after introducing the Model X 60D, Tesla has cut the model, which had a lower driving range than other Model Xs, but a sensible starting price of about $74,000. What gives?

The Model X 60D was Tesla's most affordable electric SUV to date. Its range was only about 200 miles, but if you felt the need to add more range, you could "unlock" additional battery capacity for $9,500. The Model S featured a similar setup, and while the Model X 60D disappeared into the sunset, the sedan variant is still alive.

Now, if you want to slide behind the wheel of a Model X, it'll cost you $85,500, prior to any incentives but with the $1,200 destination charge tacked on. That's about 10 grand more than the 60D, but minimum range is now 237 miles.

"Our product lineup now better serves the needs and desires of customers looking for a longer range all-electric SUV," a Tesla spokesperson said. It's likely that the 60D was a very slow seller, and Tesla found it more sensible to make the 75D its entry-level offering.

Another hint regarding demise might be found in the automaker's latest sales figures. Tesla is pushing hard to up its customer deliveries each quarter, and maximizing that effort may require culling the herd. The 60D probably wasn't living up to expectations, so it got the axe while the automaker focuses on trims with higher demand.

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