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Tesla's latest update adds Autosteer speed limits, key profiles and more

The 8.0.2 update started rolling out over the air to users recently.

2016 Tesla Model S 60
Emme Hall/Roadshow

Tesla's 8.1 software, with its UI update and Autopilot tweaks, is still unreleased. But to bring owners some more incremental updates, it's pushing 8.0.2 out to users as this is being written.

The biggest addition to 8.0.2 is a reported limitation to Autosteer on cars that have the system enabled. When Autosteer is engaged on roads and non-divided highways, it is now incapable of exceeding the speed limit. Before this, it could go up to 5 mph over the speed limit, based on the flow of traffic. On highways, the system is still capped to 90 mph.

Don't like the speed limitation? Great news -- you can still drive the car yourself.


Other updates are a bit less vital. Owners can now program driver profiles to specific key fobs. When the car detects a key approaching, it'll set the seat and steering wheel to match the profile on the key. Key fobs can be linked in the infotainment system's Settings menu.

Another update displays amenities near Superchargers. When you're posted up for a quick charge, you can take a gander to find restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots, bathrooms or stores in the general area. Just don't take too long, though -- Tesla's now charging lollygagging Supercharger users for leaving fully charged vehicles parked in a charging stall longer than necessary.

There are some other small updates, too, like additional equalizer settings and a Model X-specific update related to closing its doors, both Falcon and otherwise. Tesla did not say when version 8.1 is coming out, but something tells us bugging Elon Musk on Twitter will be the fastest way to find that out.

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