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Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta may expand quite soon, Elon Musk says

"Soon" as in just two weeks, according to the company's CEO.

Tesla Autopilot
More drivers should gain access in a couple weeks.

Those eager to sample Tesla's Full Self-Driving system beta may have their chance in the next two weeks, according to comments from CEO Elon Musk. The outspoken executive, who often makes the company's news via Twitter, said in a tweet the next couple of weeks could see an expanded rollout of the beta software.

Tesla released the FSD beta in late October to the first group of drivers. Since then, Tesla's been collecting data from drivers to help make the system more robust. It's far from a finished product, as the automaker relies on owners to help make the system better. Remember Tesla's own words about the system: "It may do the wrong thing at the worst time." We still encourage any driver to remember FSD does not make a Tesla "self-driving" despite the name.

But, with Musk's comments, it sounds like the automaker feels it's reaching a point where it can invite more drivers into the FSD fold. Tesla for years charged an extra $8,000 for the option despite the fact that it didn't exist yet. Slowly over time the company has expanded the feature set, including traffic light recognition and automatic lane changes on the highway, but only in October did FSD finally start coming to life. Now that it's partly here, if you want in on FSD when it rolls out further, it'll cost you $10,000.

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