Tesla V10 software roll out begins in US, Spotify included

Spotify joins Netflix and YouTube as apps with the V10 software.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski

Tesla drivers have made do with Slacker integration for years without the option of the ever-popular Spotify streaming service built in, but that changes starting today.

Tesla on Thursday published everything owners are in for when it comes to the highly anticipated V10 update. Among the features is, finally, Spotify. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also tweeted Thursday that the Tesla V10 software has started to roll out to all US owners that have the Full Self-Drive option in their vehicle and "Advanced Download" option selected in their car. Thus, some owners could have Spotify integration by the end of the day.

In a week, Tesla will roll the update out to owners without the Full Self-Drive option, according to Musk. 

According to announcement, Spotify will be included in the Media menu. Owners will simply need to log into their accounts to use the streaming service. Of note, Tesla drivers will need a Spotify Premium account to use the built-in function. Otherwise, Bluetooth will have to suffice.

The V10 software has been highly anticipated as it includes numerous new features including games, Netflix , YouTube and even in-car karaoke. The notes also confirm an enhanced "Smart Summon" feature will be included as a beta feature, which will give Teslas the ability to drive to the owner. The notes warn to keep an eye on the car at all times and that it's not intended for use anywhere other than private parking lots or driveways. Will that stop owners from using it elsewhere? Most likely not.

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