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Tesla updates referral program to include solar products

SolarCity's referral program will be phased out in favor of a more cohesive solution.

Screenshot / CNET

Tesla regularly updates its referral program, where owners can give codes to prospective buyers and both will receive benefits. Now that Tesla acquired SolarCity and folded its offerings into the Tesla umbrella, its latest update focuses on integrating two referral programs into one.

Now, Tesla's referral program will also cover its solar offerings, including the new Solar Roof. So Tesla's solar customers will be able to give referral codes that work with Tesla's vehicles, and vice versa.

SolarCity has its own referral program, but since that company is now part of Tesla, that referral program is ending now that this new integration has been announced.

Solar benefits

The benefits for buyers and referrers change based on what's being purchased. If a buyer uses a referral code to purchase solar panels, the buyer will receive a five-year extended warranty.

If the referrer has between one and four referrals, they'll receive either $750 in Tesla credit or $400 cash for each referral. The fifth time their code gets used, the referrer gets a Founders Series Powerwall 2 battery, which is red and has Elon Musk's signature on it. 

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Vehicle benefits

If a buyer uses a referral code to purchase a Model S or Model X, the buyer will receive either unlimited use of Tesla's Supercharger network or a $1,000 purchase credit. That purchase credit only lasts through October, though, so if you want that benefit, you'll have to place an order before Oct. 31. Free Supercharging will stick around, though.

If the referrer has one or two referrals, they can choose between a Model S for Kids or a Signature Black WallConnector, the latter of which is matte black and also has Elon's signature on it. A referrer is eligible for a gift for both the first and second referral, so you can get two toy cars, or two WallConnectors, or one of each.

On the third referral, the referrer can choose between one of two sets of unique Tesla wheels (Arachnid or Turbine design). They can also opt for the "Week with Model S/X" gift, which lets the referrer borrow a Model S or Model X for a week to get seat time in something different.

On the fourth referral, the referrer gets a Founders Series Powerwall 2. On the fifth referral, the referrer receives both an invitation to a Tesla unveiling event and a token for early access to Tesla's Solar Roof products.

Referrers have to qualify by Oct. 15 to get an invite to Tesla's semi-truck unveiling. After that, it will apply for the next unveiling, although nobody knows what that is.

It's important to note that Tesla regularly updates its referral program, so what you see above might change in the next several months. It'll likely change to include Model 3 once production expands beyond early employee access.