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Tesla tows tiny house around Australia with Model X

It's all in the name of touting its solar energy offerings.

Tesla is no stranger to taking its products on the road to get them in front of potential buyers. It's happened once before, and now it's happening again, this time in Australia.

Tesla is using a Model X to tow a tiny house around Australia to show off its solar offerings, which at this time are limited to solar panels and Tesla's Powerwall energy storage solution. The 2-kW solar system provides enough juice to keep the house fully powered.

Yep... that house is pretty tiny.


Inside the house is where Tesla wants to seal the deal. There's a mobile design studio and a configurator that buyers can use to create a custom solar solution for their own home. It's not going to be cheap -- one 14-kWh Powerwall costs $5,500 before installation or supporting hardware -- but it could pay off in long-term energy savings.

The house itself is covered in locally sourced, sustainable timber, because it would be awfully hypocritical to use blood lumber (or whatever you want to call it) to build a house that's meant to espouse the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.

Australia is a great place to set this up, because Australia has the highest rooftop solar use per capita in the world. Approximately 1.5 million homes already have solar panels mounted, which is part of the reason why Australia will be one of the first markets to get Powerwall 2 units installed.