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Tesla to reveal Model X electric SUV on February 9

Tesla's third car, which the company confirmed will be a seven-seat electric SUV, will make its first public appearance on February 9 at Tesla's new Southern California design facility.

Tesla platform slide
This slide from an investor presentation shows the versatility of Tesla's electric car platform.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed in an interview with GigaOM that the Model X will be shown at an event on February 9.

An alpha build of the car was apparently shown to investors last month. Autoblog reports that the Model X will be shown at Tesla's design studio in Southern California.

The Model X will be Tesla's third production model, after the Roadster and Model S. Based on the same platform as the Model S, it will have a larger, SUV-like body reportedly capable of seating seven adults. The Green Car Reports blog posted an article with more facts and informed speculation about the Model X.

A slide from an investor presentation previously leaked on the Internet shows four model proposals based on the Tesla electric car platform: the Model S sedan, the Model X SUV, a convertible, and a utility van. The images from the slide are more likely examples than actual design concepts.

Tesla is just on the verge of beginning series production of its Model S on completely new lines at its revamped manufacturing facility in Fremont, Calif., so the Model X should be very much in the early design stage.

During a test drive in the Model S beta, a Tesla employee said that Musk wanted it to have the "handling of a Porsche and the comfort of an Audi." Expect similar goals for the Model X, along with similar design language to the Model S sedan.

As the Model X is based on the same platform as the Model S, its battery and motor configuration should also be the same.