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Tesla to begin Model S deliveries this Friday

CNET's Charles Cooper and Wayne Cunningham discuss Tesla's customer delivery event.

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Friday, June 22, is a big day for Tesla, and possibly a landmark for the automotive industry as well. It marks the first deliveries of the all-electric Tesla Model S to customers.

With a range of more than 250 miles for the top-end models, the Model S comes out as the most practical electric car yet. Given its range and luxury sedan packaging, it is likely to become a daily driver for its owners, who will also benefit from the fact that the car costs about a tenth to run as a gasoline-engine car.

Tesla will hold an event at its Fremont, Calif., manufacturing facility on Friday afternoon, where the first customers can pick up their cars. Tesla will also be showing off the Model S in the 10 colors in which it will be available.