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Tesla says so long to California, moves headquarters to Texas

The carmaker makes the move final in an SEC filing. Tesla now calls Austin, Texas, home.

Tesla's headquarters are no longer in Palo Alto, California. On Wednesday, the automaker informed the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it has relocated to Austin, Texas. 

The move makes good on CEO Elon Musk's promise to pick up and leave California amid spats with local government over COVID-19 protocols when the virus first began to spread in the US last year. Musk, who himself has moved to Texas, reiterated the plan back in October but did not give a timeframe for when the carmaker would officially pack up and leave.

The SEC filing mentions Tesla's HQ will be located within Gigafactory Texas, a new plant the automaker hopes to finish by the end of this year. The factory will first build the Model Y in small numbers as production ramps up to take some of the pressure off Tesla's sole plant in the US back in Fremont, California. The plant in Austin will also build the Cybertruck and Semi, the automaker said in the past. Though, with numerous delays to both vehicles, those plans may change.

Musk's other major company, SpaceX, remains headquartered in California, but launches its rockets in South Texas, on the Gulf Coast.

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