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Tesla teases electric semi truck in debut event invitation

The truck is slated to make its first public appearance on Nov. 16 in California.


Even as Elon Musk and Tesla remain mired in Model 3 "production hell," the company is still moving forward with its plans to debut its electric semi truck.

Tesla will debut its electric semi, which doesn't have a name yet other than the unoriginal Semi, on Nov. 16 in Hawthorne, California. The event invitations carried a new semi teaser, which gives us a slightly better idea of its appearance.

It's unclear whether the debut will bring any new information with it, or if we'll only get to see what the truck looks like.


The headlights are the same as the first teaser the company put on Twitter, but while the first teaser was a dead-on front shot, this one is taken from an angle. In any case, it looks like a semi truck, so Tesla's not exactly attempting to reinvent the wheel with this new vehicle.

While we don't know much about Tesla's electric semi, it's believed that it won't be a proper long-haul vehicle, but instead something geared more toward short- and medium-haul drives. One thing is for sure, though -- there's going to be a whole lot of batteries shoved into this thing, likely more than any other Tesla vehicle to date. We'll find out more in just a couple weeks.