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Tesla takes its act on the road with mobile Design Studios

Can't make it to a Tesla store? Make 'em come to you!

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Not gonna lie, this is a pretty bitchin' setup.


Tesla is hitting the road. No, it's not withdrawing from the auto industry. Instead, it's come up with a novel new way to get its brand in front of fresh faces ahead of the debut of its more affordable Model 3.

Six mobile Design Studios will travel around the country and set up shop in new locales. The premise is simple -- it's a Tesla store distilled down into a Model X SUV, which is towing an Airstream trailer that's been decked out like its brick-and-mortar operations. Product specialists man the trailer, offering up first-hand looks at a Model X, as well as letting folks design their own Tesla. I imagine they won't let you drive the thing, though.

The first mobile Design Studio will land today at 1 Hotel Central Park in New York City. All six will be traveling the country, and while there's a general route planned, interested folks can head to Tesla's site to request specific stops. Something tells us there'll be more than a few stopovers in states that frown upon Tesla's current sales model.

Tesla recently suffered a legal loss when Missouri decided that it couldn't act as both franchiser and franchisee. Show-Me State buyers must now order their cars online or travel to a state where Tesla's direct sales model is legal. Its methods remain a hot-button topic in other states, as well.