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Tesla stock price crosses $2,000 per share

Ahead of Tesla's planned stock split, a single share crossed the $2,000 mark.

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Who would've thought we'd see the stock at $2,000 per share?


On Thursday, Tesla achieved yet another incredible milestone, thanks to the stock market. A single share of the electric carmaker reached $2,000 per share momentarily around 10:04 a.m. PT.

The massive rally saw the stock surge roughly 6% and add over $100 to a share's price. No major event seems to have flipped the switch, but the uptick does come ahead of Tesla's planned stock split.

The company said earlier this month it will enact a five-for-one stock split. Starting Aug. 21, every shareholder will receive a dividend of four additional shares of common stock per every share they held prior to the date. Shareholders will receive their additional shares on Aug. 28 and Tesla plans to trade with the stock-split starting Aug. 31.

Clearly, there are those who want in on what could be an opportunity. Of course, it all relies on Tesla continuing to perform and wrack up milestones.

And thus far, the automaker's done just that. Tesla's second quarter earnings report revealed a four consecutive quarters for the automaker with a profit on the books -- a $104 million profit, to be exact. We also learned Tesla will build its new US-based Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. There, the carmaker will assemble the Cybertruck and the Model Y for the eastern part of the country.

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