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Tesla updates its app to include service trackers, alerts

The app update is the first step in Tesla's grand plan to overhaul its service program.

Tesla's updated app shows where in the repair process your vehicle is, and when it might be done.


As part of Tesla's plan to improve its service experience, the company announced on Friday that it had updated its app to give service updates, estimated repair times and more to its customers.

Specifically, the app will recognize when a customer's vehicle is in for service and automatically display its estimated completion time, as well as where in the repair process the car is currently. That means you'll see when your car is sitting idle waiting for parts and when the technician is working on it.

For those lucky few who lack the compulsion to check their phone continuously, the Tesla app will also alert you when your car is ready for pickup. This alert could prove especially useful if Tesla can fulfill its plan to have most vehicle services done at a customer's location, rather than in a Tesla facility.

The big T still has a long way to go before its repair network is as robust as some other, more established luxury brands, but if it's able to deliver on its promises of quicker turnarounds, more service centers and mobile service, it could be on the right path. Earlier this week the company at last put its $35,000 Model 3 on sale.