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Tesla semi truck spotted smoking its tires in the wild

Elon Musk's Tesla semi truck isn't just good for hauling stuff, it can also haul some tuchus.

Looks like those burnout-loving Nascar drivers are going to get some serious competition from a semi truck. YouTube user Richard Fielder caught a short but dramatic video of a silver Tesla truck stressing out its tires with its intense acceleration ability.

Fielder posted the video this week and Reddit brought it to our attention, and it's worth turning up the volume for. The truck sounds like a sci-fi spaceship. You can hear the tires turning on the pavement as smoke emerges and the semi shoots away into the distance. 

The Tesla was caught doing its thing on a public street with a 25 mph speed sign posted. It's hard to tell if might be exceeding that limit. The video is just 10 seconds long, but it's endlessly entertaining.

Elon Musk officially unveiled the electric semi in November last year. Catching the trucks on video in the wild has become a sport ever since then. We saw a video of a guy tailing one in December and a brief glimpse at one driving by in late January.

The specs on the truck are impressive. Its all-electric powertrain can propel the Tesla Semi up to 500 miles between charges when equipped with its biggest battery. It's claimed the brakes never require replacement, and the interior features a unique center seating position and, in traditional Tesla fashion, big ol' screens.

Once Tesla starts to deliver the semis to customers, we can expect to see a lot more of them on the road. Big companies like UPS and Anheuser-Busch have already placed orders for the high-tech haulers. Until then, we'll have to get by on these fleeting video peeks at the machines.