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Elusive Tesla semi truck spotted taking a cruise

A visitor to Tesla's design facility in California captured rare footage of Elon Musk's latest toy for truckers in the wild.

Tesla Motors unveiled its electric semi truck last month -- and that's the only limited, after-dark glimpse most people have had of the big rig, save for Elon Musk's early customers who scored test drives.

But now we've got a slightly better idea of what the Tesla Semi looks like on the road, or at least driving around the company's design facility in Hawthorne, Calif.

The folks at Electrek highlighted an Instagram video from Roy Greenberg, which shows the semi driving around without a trailer attached. That Instagram post has since been deleted, but the internet is forever, so we found a mirror on YouTube, which we've embedded above.

There's not a whole lot to glean from the video, but it's the first we've really seen of the sexiest 18-wheeler ever created in the wild. Kudos to Elon Musk, who appears to have made trucking hip, or at least sleek-looking. The semi still manages to look spiffy in broad daylight without all the mood lighting of a nighttime reveal.