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Tesla Roadster, meet MG Cyberster: British brand's electric sports car shows off

MG plans to reveal full details on the car at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

MG Cyberster concept
I can dig it.

Long before Tesla built its Roadster, a classic British brand was best known for tiny drop-top sports cars. That'd be MG. Though it's under Chinese ownership these days, MG hinted it wants to return to the days of the roadster and revealed the first photos of the Cyberster on Thursday. It's a bad name, yes, but a good looking car.

The car gives off some seriously retro vibes up front with round headlights like the MGs of yore. The company calls them "Magic Eye" headlights since they're not always on. Only when the driver wants them do they flip on to reveal the light. I get serious Jaguar XJ220 vibes here, and I love it. 

Flowing from the side profile, we're met with an edgy rear end in contrast to the front. The back end boasts curved hips, but a long light bar squares the shape off, running from the bottom of the diffusor and across. As a nod to MG's heritage, Union Jack taillights fill out the rear. It's neat, but it's not the first time an automaker decided to include such a detail; Mini's been doing it for years now.

The sole interior shot teases seriously futuristic elements that would likely never fly for a production car, but it's a fun concept. A steering yoke sits ahead of the driver with a digital cluster and it looks like the Cyberster concept includes a palm scanner for security.

As for power, MG didn't speak to those figures yet, but it said the electric powertrain is good for 500 miles of range. That's not an EPA figure, mind you. Nevertheless, MG's out to make a statement.

Maybe MG will put the Cyberster into production. We'll learn a lot more at the car's debut towards the end of April, but if this does foreshadow a production car, don't look for it in the US.