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Charge your Tesla, have a meal: EV maker files trademark application for restaurant

Is the company preparing to add restaurants to its Supercharger stations?

Tesla Supercharger
Maybe this picture will one day have a Tesla diner in the back?

Tesla Supercharger stations could one day feature more than a handful of plugs. The company on May 27 filed a trademark application for the company name, Tesla, but not for use on automobiles. Instead, this application is for goods and services, including restaurants.

Tesla filed the application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and although the Tesla name and logo are nothing new, the category is different. Electrek first reported the application Tuesday. Aside from restaurants, the name, according to the application, may be used with "pop-up restaurant services, self-service restaurant services and take-out restaurant services." The there's plenty of potential for what Tesla could do with this trademark application. It would be unlikely for the company to run a restaurant itself, but it could work with partners to bring food and drink to its network of charging stations.

However, an application and finalization doesn't mean a company intends to do anything at all, even though this one's a tad odd. CEO Elon Musk did say in the past he hoped to install some sort of throwback diner at a Tesla Supercharger station in California, though nothing came of it. At least not yet. In all, grabbing a bite to eat while waiting for your EV to charge doesn't sound like a terrible idea.