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Tesla recalls new Model S, Model X EVs for airbags tearing

The driver-side airbags may tear on deployment in a small number of cars.

Tesla just began delivering the updated Model X and Model S.


Tesla issued a new recall this week for a relatively small number of Model S and Model X electric vehicles. Documents the electric carmaker filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explain that 7,600 cars will need their driver's side airbags replaced.

The automaker didn't provide additional public documents explaining the defect, but NHTSA said these airbags can tear when deployed in the event of a crash. If the airbag does tear, it may provide poor protection for the passenger and increase the risk of injury. There have been no reported injuries related to the defect.

Tesla Service will replace each of the cars' driver's side airbags at no cost to owners. The recall will kick off early next year, with letters going out to owners of the affected cars starting Jan. 7, 2022.