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Tesla tops its own Q1 production and delivery record, builds over 100,000 vehicles

The numbers for Q1 are pretty snazzy, but hopefully they're enough to offset Q2's much lower production due to the coronavirus.

Fremont may be shut down now, but it worked overtime alongside Shanghai, Buffalo and Reno to set a Q1 record for production.

It's that time once again, folks. Tesla published its quarterly production and deliveries report on Thursday, and the numbers are pretty good. How good? Tesla's calling it the best first quarter it has ever had.

Specifically, Tesla produced over 100,000 vehicles and delivered around 88,000 of those to customers around the world. The bulk of these are Model 3, but Model Y did start making an appearance toward the end of the quarter. Together they accounted for around 85% of all the cars that the Big T built.

Of course, the much smaller remaining slice of that pie belongs to the aging Model S and Model X platforms, which accounted for around 15,000 units built and just shy of 14% of the vehicles delivered.

It's probably a good thing that Tesla's first-quarter production was so high because with so much of its production capacity -- vehicles, battery packs and otherwise -- is idled due to the coronavirus outbreak, Q2 is going to be a little less rosy-looking on paper.

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First published April 2.