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Tesla falls short of 100,000 vehicle deliveries in Q3

However, it still reports a record production number and delivery figure.

According to Tesla, the Model 3 remains in high demand.
Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had hinted the electric carmaker could reach 100,000 vehicles delivered in the third quarter. As they say, it was close, but no cigar.

The automaker released final third-quarter production and delivery figures on Wednesday that show a total number of 97,000 vehicles delivered -- 1,800 more than in the second quarter. The company also reported it built 96,155 vehicles in Q3. The Model 3 made up the vast majority of deliveries with 79,600 delivered. As for production, 79,837 Model 3s rolled off the assembly line. The rest was made up of Model S and Model X electric vehicles.

In total, the company reports, 16,318 Model S and Model X cars were built and Tesla sold 17,400 of both electric vehicles. Obviously, the delivery figures include vehicles already in stock.

No Tesla financial performance figures were included in the Wednesday announcement. Tesla said that information will be included when the automaker announces its Q3 earnings at a later date. It also said the delivery count may be "conservative" because of the way it counts delivered cars. The final figure could be up to 0.5% higher, according to the company. Of course, that would push the delivery total past the 100,000 mark and add roughly 4,850 more cars to the final tally, but there's no solid evidence this is the case right now.

One other interesting nugget of information from the announcement: Tesla said almost every single Model 3 custom order came from individuals who did not previously hold a reservation. The automaker said this shows "organic demand" for Tesla vehicles. To meet said demand, the electric carmaker will focus on ramping up production further.

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