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Tesla prices continue to climb, Model 3 now over $41,000 to start

And a Model Y now costs over $53,000.

Tesla Model 3
A Tesla.

We're a far cry away from the Tesla Model 3's admired "$35,000" price. As of Friday, Tesla has jacked up prices yet again on the Model 3 and its Model Y SUV cousin. Before any additional options or extra-cost paint colors, the Model 3 in its least expensive form now costs $41,190 after a $1,200 destination charge. The cheapest Model Y grows more expensive at $53,190 after the increases.

Although this increase is just $500, Tesla has increased the prices on both of its affordable-ish EVs numerous times so far this year. The Model 3 is now at least $2,500 more expensive than it was in March. Tesla doesn't operate a public relations department to field requests for comment and CEO Elon Musk's Twitter feed is void of any explanation. So, all we can do is assume Tesla's feeling the pinch from the global semiconductor chip shortage. That, or it's comfortable charging more as demand continues to stay high for its EVs. But at some point raising prices by $500 every few weeks doesn't sound like such a great idea. At least to me.

Maybe this is all part of some sort of long-game strategy as Tesla plans for a new global model meant for production in China. The vehicle could fulfill Musk's long-long-term promise of selling a $25,000 EV with a Big T badge on it. But that's a guess, I'll remind you. For the here and now, with a solution to the chip shortage not yet on the horizon, we expect Tesla prices will keep on climbing.