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Tesla to open Model 3 invites to all remaining reservation holders

It also slightly tweaked the pricing and options for dual-motor AWD variants.


Elon Musk's giant tent has apparently paid off.

Tesla told Roadshow Tuesday evening it will, "in the coming days," open up invites for all remaining Model 3 reservation holders to design and finalize their Model 3s . This applies to the US and Canada, and the invites will be sent out based on when holders placed their reservations.

Instead of forcing every option on Model 3 Performance buyers, Tesla decided at the last minute on a more piecemeal approach.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

If you plunked down $1,000 for the deposit and are holding out hope for the short-range battery that'll be much closer to that magic $35,000 number, don't worry -- you can still hold onto your reservation and wait for your preferred trim to become available. According to Tesla's Model 3 design studio, which is still only available to reservation holders, the automaker estimates a six-to-nine-month wait for the more affordable battery pack.

At the same time, Tesla also divulged more specific pricing information for the Model 3's dual-motor, all-wheel drive variants. Previously, the dual-motor variant with the premium interior option was going to command a $5,000 price premium over the $49,000 single-motor Model 3 with the same interior, but Tesla sliced $1,000 off. Now, it'll set you back a cool $53,000. It's got the same range as the single-motor car, at 310 miles, but 0-to-60 acceleration improves to 4.5 seconds.

Tesla also tweaked the pricing for its range-topping Model 3 Performance. Originally, it was going to cost $78,000 and every single option was standard. Now, a base Model 3 Performance will start at $64,000. If you want the white interior, tack on an extra $1,500. Premium paint is an option, as well, if you want to look a little fancier.

There's also an available Performance Upgrades package for $5,000 that increases the top speed to 155 miles per hour (from 145), and it adds a number of parts, including a carbon fiber spoiler, 20-inch wheels, aluminum alloy pedals, red brake calipers and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires.

That all doesn't add up to $78,000, but that's on purpose -- the price has been shaved rather aggressively. Thankfully, the price changes will be retroactively applied to customers who've already placed orders.

Editor's Note, June 27: The text has been amended to reflect the nature of Tesla's "announcement."