Tesla to open Model 3 invites to all remaining reservation holders

It also slightly tweaked the pricing and options for dual-motor AWD variants.

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Elon Musk's giant tent has apparently paid off.

told Roadshow Tuesday evening it will, "in the coming days," open up invites for all remaining Model 3 reservation holders to design and finalize their Model 3s. This applies to the US and Canada, and the invites will be sent out based on when holders placed their reservations.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range
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Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Instead of forcing every option on Model 3 Performance buyers, Tesla decided at the last minute on a more piecemeal approach.

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If you plunked down $1,000 for the deposit and are holding out hope for the short-range battery that'll be much closer to that magic $35,000 number, don't worry -- you can still hold onto your reservation and wait for your preferred trim to become available. According to Tesla's Model 3 design studio, which is still only available to reservation holders, the automaker estimates a six-to-nine-month wait for the more affordable battery pack.

At the same time, Tesla also divulged more specific pricing information for the Model 3's dual-motor, all-wheel drive variants. Previously, the dual-motor variant with the premium interior option was going to command a $5,000 price premium over the $49,000 single-motor Model 3 with the same interior, but Tesla sliced $1,000 off. Now, it'll set you back a cool $53,000. It's got the same range as the single-motor car, at 310 miles, but 0-to-60 acceleration improves to 4.5 seconds.

Tesla also tweaked the pricing for its range-topping Model 3 Performance. Originally, it was going to cost $78,000 and every single option was standard. Now, a base Model 3 Performance will start at $64,000. If you want the white interior, tack on an extra $1,500. Premium paint is an option, as well, if you want to look a little fancier.

There's also an available Performance Upgrades package for $5,000 that increases the top speed to 155 miles per hour (from 145), and it adds a number of parts, including a carbon fiber spoiler, 20-inch wheels, aluminum alloy pedals, red brake calipers and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires.

That all doesn't add up to $78,000, but that's on purpose -- the price has been shaved rather aggressively. Thankfully, the price changes will be retroactively applied to customers who've already placed orders.

Editor's Note, June 27: The text has been amended to reflect the nature of Tesla's "announcement."

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