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Tesla no longer offers rear-wheel drive with its 90kWh batteries

Now, if you want the electric automaker's largest battery, you're stuck with all-wheel drive.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D
At least RWD is still available -- unlike the Model S, Tesla's new Model X crossover doesn't even offer rear-wheel drive.
Josh Miller/CNET

Oftentimes, automakers will make a big deal about lineup changes, sending out press releases and what have you. Other automakers will make a few subtle changes and leave it up to the public to notice. Tesla's latest move falls squarely in the latter category.

Within the last few weeks, the electric-only automaker silently unpaired the Model S sedan's 90kWh battery from its rear-wheel drive layout, offering the largest battery to date with all-wheel drive only. You can still order your 70- or 85-kWh Model S with only two driven wheels.

Other than additional range, the differences between the RWD Model S 85 and 90 are few and far between, so perhaps it made sense to Tesla to remove the 90. If it was just an unpopular choice, the automaker has already set precedent in silently ditching unwanted add-ons (executive-style rear seats, anyone?). Tesla has not yet returned a request for comment.

You can still rip all the torque-laden burnouts you want, but you'll have to make sure you're just a bit closer to a Supercharger.