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Tesla Motors recalls electric Roadster

Electric carmaker, Tesla Motors, will make house calls to owners' homes or offices to correct a manufacturing issue on 345 Tesla Roadsters.

Tesla Motors has launched a safety recall covering all 345 Tesla Roadsters manufactured before April 22.

Tesla says it will make house calls to inspect the rear, inner hub flange bolts on several Roadsters after one owner reported uncharacteristic handling. After a root-cause analysis, Tesla determined that the rear, inner hub flange bolts on a small percentage of Roadster vehicles were improperly torqued during assembly by Lotus, the contract manufacturer of the Roadster chassis. Lotus is conducting a similar recall on some Lotus Elise and Exige vehicles.

No accidents have been reported as a result of this manufacturing issue, which is unrelated to the Roadster's all-electric powertrain.

Customers will not be charged for the inspection and software upgrade.