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Tesla Model Y rolls out new winter tire and wheel packages

If you don't want to swap wheels when the snow falls, this is just the ticket.

Tesla Model Y
If you don't have warm temps year round, winter tires are the best.

All-season tires might make things nice and easy on vehicle owners, but trust me, there's nothing like a set of proper winter tires when the S-word stars falling from the sky. If this doesn't apply to you in your area, I am jealous.

Anyway, for Tesla Model Y owners, the automaker a new option as it rolls out expanded winter wheel and tire packages for those that want to keep their 20-inch wheels on throughout the snowy and cold months. Smaller wheels will help with range issues, but for those that want to keep it simple, this is just the ticket. The 20-inch wheels follow the introduction of a 19-inch wheel package with winter tires as well. They'll let you keep the same wheels, but provide the much-needed grip from winter tires when needed.

However, as Electrek rightfully pointed out, you can also purchase the the winter tires that fit the 19-inch wheels by themselves and save a bit of cash -- roughly $2,500. But if you want specific wheels for each season, Tesla's package is the bundle deal for you. It costs $3,500 total. Winter tires to fit 20-inch wheels exist, but as mentioned, range may suffer. We recently covered the topic extensively, thanks to our favorite explainer-in-chief, Jason Fenske. If you do want to keep the 20-inch wheels and nab the winter package from Tesla, prepare to drop $4,000.

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